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Friday Apr 12, 2024

This enlightening episode of "This Week in Pharmacy" brings together a distinguished panel of experts, featuring Dr. Bled Tanoe, Dr. Candace Olusola, and Dr. Shane Jerominski, to delve into a topic of critical importance to the pharmacy community: workforce health and preventing burnout.Amidst rising concerns over the well-being of healthcare professionals, our guests will explore the significant impact that stress and burnout have on pharmacists and the quality of care they provide. The conversation will shift to a solution-oriented discussion on the potential of unionizing retail community pharmacies. This bold move aims to foster a supportive work environment, improve conditions for pharmacy professionals, and, consequently, enhance pharmacy care for the community. Join us as we navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie in uniting pharmacy professionals for a healthier, more sustainable future in healthcare.

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Deborah Milito, Pharm. D.
Director of Skilled Facility Consultants, Adverse Drug Reaction Coordinator and Joint Commission Performance Improvement Coordinator
Dr. Milito is the Director of Clinical and Consultant Services-Skilled Division for Diamond Pharmacy Services. She also serves as the team leader for the Joint Commission’s Performance Improvement, Provision of Care, Medication Management, and National Patient Safety Goals initiatives. Dr. Milito is responsible for overseeing the education of the Skilled Consultant Pharmacists in Pennsylvania and Ohio. She has 28 years of acute care experience, 8 years of correctional experience, and 13 years of Long-Term Care (LTC) experience.Darshan Kulkarni PharmD, shares 5 Legal Tips to prepare your pharmacy for sale!
Joe Lipari, Director of Product Management for Systech joins Todd Eury on "This Week in Pharmacy" to talk about the sensitive and important topic of DSCSA. The Drug Quality and Security Act is a law that amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to grant the Food and Drug Administration more authority to regulate and monitor the manufacturing of compounded drugs.Systech is a provider of track & trace, serialization, and brand protection solutions. We hear about key strategic components to consider now, to avoid penalties later. This podcast covers:  Exchanging data with authorized trading partners Leveraging a Verification Router Service (VRS) Utilizing a credentialing service with the VRS Implementing a traceability platform Systech now offers three new service packages in conjunction with its software to help manufacturers understand how to meet the Enhanced Drug Security Requirements: Readiness GAP review, compliance testing and master organizational validation. These services will address endpoint data connections, product registrations, authorized trading partner verifications and record keeping requirements.

Friday Mar 08, 2024

March 8th 2024: This Week in Pharmacy we talk 'Medical Science Liaisons' and #Pharmacists with the The Carolan Group -- Sarah Snyder PharmD and Tom Caravela!Our special correspondence coverage from Dr. Marci Strauss, PharmD, President of Maryland Pharmacists Association on State Associations and updates.On this Episode of #TWIRx we're reviewing the #PBMReform temperature heating up, #DrugShortages, the #CyberAttacks impact on #PublicHealth, and sending a 'Tweet' to Mark Cuban to say thank you for the amazing testimony to the #WhiteHouse Panel discussion on #pharmacy benefit managers.All this and a special thank you to YARAL Pharma for sponsoring today's TWIRx

Friday Mar 01, 2024

TheAnswerPage is a medical education resource that has been providing the highest quality accredited education to the healthcare community for over 25 years. Recently 'The Answer Page" was approved by the New York State Office of Cannabis Management to launch “The New York Medical Cannabis Program Required Course Podcast. Access here: Founders of the Answer Page --are Stephen B. Corn, MD, is the founding Editor-in-Chief, and Meredith Fisher-Corn, MD, is the current Editor-in-Chief, of, a medical education website that launched in 1998, and has become an internationally recognized leader in providing unbiased peer-reviewed continuing medical education (CME) content on the endocannabinoid system and the therapeutic use of medical cannabis, pain medicine and opioid prescribing. provides accredited content for doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and dentists and provides free educational resources also for caregivers and patients. Drs. Corn have created hundreds of continuing medical education courses in multiple areas of medicine, including perioperative & hospital medicine, palliative care, opioid prescribing & risk management, and medical statistics. In 2012 educational focus became directed at addressing the huge national educational gap in terms of providing formal education on the endocannabinoid system and medical marijuana. Since then, has pioneered the creation of accredited courses, such as the “New York State Practitioner Education-Medical Use of Marijuana Required Course,” and for the several other states, with a required medical cannabisn course for practitioners, such as for Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Utah and West Virginia. Both Drs. Corn were named “Medical Professional of the Year” by the “Americans for Safe Access” in Washington DC and were the 2017 recipients of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine “Special Award for Major Contributions to the Reintroduction of Cannabis as Medicine.”

Monday Feb 26, 2024

Andrea Thomaz
CEO and Co-FounderDiligent Robots
Technology Impacting Hospital PharmacyKey Messages:
Moxi has significantly improved the efficiency of medication delivery, impacting pharmacy and nursing operations in about 40% of its use cases.
Moxi enhances medication administration efficiency and safety by automating delivery, reducing potential errors and delays.
Moxi's design caters to the unique challenges of pediatric environments and academic medical centers, where non-tube medication lists are significantly longer. Its precision in handling patient-specific formulations and expensive or investigational drugs underscores its value in settings where timing and safety are critical.
Moxi integrates with pharmacy management systems to enhance workflow coordination without disrupting established processes.
Moxi enhances service levels by facilitating efficient inter-pharmacy transfers, important for large healthcare facilities.
With over half a million pharmacy deliveries made to date, it demonstrates a profound ability to enhance workflow and collaboration between pharmacy and clinical teams.
Pharmacists report that Moxi improves their work efficiency and allows more time for patient care and interaction.
At ChristianaCare, an 1,100-bed hospital, the deployment of three Moxi robots has facilitated approximately 15,000 medication deliveries from their main, satellite, and retail pharmacies. This showcases Moxi's role in seamlessly transporting medications, thereby improving operational efficiency and patient care.
Endeavor Health Elmhurst in Illinois employs several Moxi robots for ad-hoc and scheduled deliveries, including chemotherapy medications to infusion clinics. Our robots are the sole delivery mechanism for all their infusion medications, demonstrating Moxi's ability to support high-demand areas without the need for additional staffing.

Monday Feb 12, 2024

We talk with Dr. Colin Banas, MD., Chief Medical Officer, DrFirst about the latest intelligence report on the state of healthcare. Nest we meet up with Dr. Christopher McCurdy, Ph.D., Professor And The Frank A. Duckworth Eminent Scholar Chair; Associate Dean For Faculty Development; Director Of The UF Translational Drug Development Core.

Monday Feb 05, 2024

Guest Part one: Dr. Ashley Dwyer PharmD Dr. Ashley Dwyer is CEO/founder of TeamBDN Coaching and a former pharmacist. After going through a slew of health issues due to lifestyle factors and stress, Ashley saw firsthand just how our current medical system was flawed. This is Ashley’s return to the Pharmacy Podcast Network from her first Interview:
Guest Part two: Dallas Vasquez is the CEO & Founder of Mitra9, who is introducing Kratom and other botanicals into the mainstream. Darshan Kulkarni, Esq PharmD reports on the Center City Fraud Case. Current and Former Owners of Center City Philadelphia Pharmacy Agree to Pay Over $4.6 Million to Resolve Civil Investigations of Improper Medicare and Medicaid Billing

Friday Jan 26, 2024

Visual design plays a crucial role in establishing a community pharmacy as a trusted and credible healthcare destination. A well-thought-out visual design can significantly impact the perception of the pharmacy and attract customers. On this episode of 'This Week in Pharmacy' we talk with award winning Pharmacy Designer Fiona Sartetto Verna and veteran pharmacy busienss marketing leader Nicolle McClure - CEO of Finch Marketing. Here's a short summary of how visual design and marketing content can influence a community pharmacy:
Professional Image: Visual design can create a professional and welcoming atmosphere in the pharmacy. This includes well-designed signage, a clean and organized interior layout, and aesthetically pleasing branding. A pharmacy that looks clean and organized is more likely to be perceived as reliable and trustworthy.
Branding: Consistent and appealing branding through logos, color schemes, and signage helps in building a strong brand identity. A visually appealing logo and color palette can make the pharmacy memorable and easily recognizable in the community.
Information Accessibility: Visual design can aid in making essential health information easily accessible. This includes clear labeling of medication shelves, informative pamphlets, and user-friendly prescription instructions. When customers can find the information they need effortlessly, it enhances their trust in the pharmacy's expertise.
Marketing Content: Solid marketing content is essential to inform the community about the pharmacy's services and products. This content can include brochures, flyers, and online materials that highlight the pharmacy's offerings, such as prescription services, over-the-counter medications, health screenings, and wellness programs.
Online Presence: In today's digital age, having a visually appealing and user-friendly website and social media presence is crucial. These platforms should showcase the pharmacy's services, staff credentials, customer reviews, and health-related articles. It allows the community to engage with the pharmacy online and reinforces its credibility.
Customer Engagement: Visual design also plays a role in customer engagement. Pharmacies can use visually appealing displays and promotions to capture customers' attention and encourage them to explore the products and services offered. Engaging visuals can create a sense of community involvement.
Trust and Credibility: Ultimately, a well-designed community pharmacy exudes trust and credibility. Patients are more likely to choose a pharmacy that appears professional, organized, and knowledgeable about their healthcare needs. Solid marketing content reinforces this image.
In conclusion, visual design and marketing content are essential tools for community pharmacies to establish themselves as trusted and credible healthcare destinations. A well-designed pharmacy with informative and visually appealing materials can attract and retain customers, fostering a strong sense of trust within the community.

Friday Dec 08, 2023

A new, real-world evidence study of patients with Gram-negative infections showed that early intervention with Fetroja® (cefiderocol) significantly reduced in-hospital all-cause mortality. This real-world evidence, drawn from a retrospective analysis of 275 seriously ill patients, emphasizes the critical importance of timely treatment. 
The retrospective multicenter observational study showed earlier treatment resulted in a reduction in in-hospital all-cause mortality (IHACM) in patients with Gram-negative infections who previously received other antibiotics, including those with difficult-to-treat pathogens that were resistant to other antibiotics.
Here is a link to the press release with a summary of the results presented by Shionogi at ID Week in October.
We would be happy to arrange an interview with pharmacist Thomas Lodise, PharmD, PhD, Associate Professor, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, to delve deeper into these results. Dr. Lodise can discuss the implications of this study for hospital pharmacists as it sheds light on the potential clinical utility of Fetroja in the treatment of difficult-to-treat adult patients with culture-confirmed Gram-negative infections.Tom Lodise, PharmD, PhD, professor at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and clinical pharmacy specialist at the Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, New York.(pronounced low-deese not lo-dice)This will be a quick review of the interview topics, and any additional questions that you may have about the material.--You should expect to receive sample interview questions to help you guide the interview.--I’ve included a recent article in CONTAGION LIVE directed to the study that you’ll be addressing in the interview.Time-to-Treat Proves to be Vital in Severely Ill Patients With Gram-Negative Infections;!!DlCMXiNAtWOc!xSJ9qL-jtnTrARykD5XxP6jzP-M_Tt38Tki6NjQCLr2AStUrVu6HBFK3hTU5Y32uJwR2_8AQu_cWgSu7Z6Oep2zcAqnNBtu4BA$

Monday Dec 04, 2023

Welcome Mike Agostino & Joe Platten with NASH – Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare Why Travel-for-Treatment An increasing number of Americans are opting to travel abroad for their medical needs, encompassing services such as orthopedic procedures, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and fertility treatments. Additionally, the utilization of specialty medications is increasing. These medications treat complex health conditions and frequently come with unaffordable costs in the U.S., prompting a necessity to seek options across U.S. borders for safe, affordable specialty medications.


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